The Palestinian woman: A symbol of resilience

The state of Palestine which has been undergoing settler colonialism since the past 73 years, has had a rich history of strong women resisting force and oppression. Be it in the West Bank region, the Gaza strip, or the recently much spoken of 'Sheikh-Jarrah locality, Palestinian women have taken their equal share of roles in the fight on-field as well as off-field. But not only in these recent times or with the coming of modern age feminism have we seen the rise of participation of women, this has been persisting since the beginning of the Palestinian struggle.

Increasing body dysmorphia in young girls

Some young girls idolize certain influencers and aspire to have a body type like them and when they do not achieve it they start hating the way their body looks. The unrealistic beauty standards set by society are pushing several girls into Body Image disorders every day. Teens start developing social anxiety, they have extremely low self esteem, mood disorders, disordered eating which leads to innumerable health issues, and even problems in relationships and friendships. They start avoiding going out or being seen in public.

Symbolic significance of Menstruation

We have always been surrounded by taboos and myths that exclude menstruating women from many aspects of socio-cultural life. In India, the topic has been a taboo until date. Such taboos about menstruation present in many societies impact on girls’ and women's emotional state, mentality and lifestyle and most importantly, health. But even though there is a taboo regarding menstruation in our society, texts that date back to several thousands of years ago, tell us a different story.

Intersectional Victims: Dalit women in India

It's tough being a woman in India, and it's tough being a Dalit person in India. It's worse when you're both. Dalit women are singularly placed at the bottom of the caste hierarchy and are victims of the deep rooted patriarchy. Alongside that an economically weaker background and financial dependency on Upper-caste rich men make them more vulnerable in the rural areas.

Addressing sexism in Bollywood

As a feminist, it's difficult to be a seasonal viewer of Indian Cinema without noticing it's many flaws and it's deep rooted misogynistic portrayals. Bollywood plays such an important role in not only shaping our culture as a whole but even in influencing individual personalities of many of it's fans. So with such a huge responsibility on it's head, let/s see how Bollywood has successfully failed to tackle the critical issue of sexism and misogyny.

What can be done for rapid elimination of rapes in India

Every time despite of full-fledged outrage from the citizens we fail to see the problem of rape being eliminated from society. From the Aruna Shanbaug case in 1973 to the Hathras gang rape in 2020, no amount of outrage or protests could help curb the issue. The problem still prevails. So what is it that’s going wrong? Why are our efforts ineffective and fruitless?